Here’s a question…

I’m not sure anyone will answer: how are people finding this blog? 

I don’t update a ton, so having a pretty high number of followers surprises me. Did you find it through WordPress’s Reader from when they featured one of my posts?

I’m just curious and perhaps suspicious to some degree as WordPress has long had a multilayered spam issue coming from both scheming humans and bots. 

11 thoughts on “Here’s a question…

    1. Oh I know you of course! I’m puzzled at a lot of the other follows I get cuz this blog can sit a while with no updates.

  1. I (re)found you because I just read Michelle McNamara just passed away. I first was introduced to her from the hey day of your crime blog in the early 2000s. I followed your blog every day. I don’t follow true crime like I used to, but I do miss your writing. (I was D.P. when I would comment on your old Blog)

  2. i can tell you on how one has found you and if one found you like this, then i guess many others like this one can find you as well….Hence that you’re the one that shares a name with someone that is making waves in a whole other field, same name but a different looking bald caucasian.

  3. Because I seee you wherever you go! Nah kidding it was on the recommended list, I liked your stryle so here I am. Keep going!

  4. I did a search for “100 Years Ago Today Blog”, looking for another blog I didn’t have the URL for, and that brought up one of your entries in this blog. Just a FWIW.

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