Winter Olympics in Sochi to be white-knuckle affair

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 6.55.31 AMI got sick of hype and pearl-clutching when I was blogging about crime all the time, but when reading news from southern Russia it’s hard to not worry for the athletes and visitors flocking to Sochi for the Winter Olympics. From Ria Novosti/The Moscow News:

Russian security forces have launched an anti-terrorism sweep in response to the discovery of an explosive device and an unexplained series of deaths across a southern province near Sochi, which is hosting the Winter Olympics next month.

A car exploded Wednesday in the Stavropol region, then police discovered a vehicle containing explosives and a pair of corpses sometime Thursday… in addition to two more bodies found Wednesday elsewhere in Stavropol. All the deaths were considered homicides. Add these to terrorist attacks from Islamic militants based in the North Caucasus, and it gets spooky.

Not to mention: the Tsarnaevs, allegedly responsible for bombing the Boston Marathon in April, 2013, were originally from the North Caucasus and the older brother who died in a shootout with police had spent a good deal of time there within the last couple of years.

Russian authorities have set up a huge and tight security perimeter around Sochi, but it still may end up being a nerve-wracking experience to watch and wonder if more explosive shoes will drop.

[The Moscow News]