Crucified Woman Discovered Under Italian Bridge

It’s been a while since I wrote a crime blog post.* In fact, I’m not sure I’ve published one about a contemporary crime in this blog. Until now.

This came into my inbox via a Google Alert I set up  years ago, when I was writing about crime every day. It was too chilling to not mention.

A cyclist was riding under a bridge in Florence, Italy on Monday, when he or she discovered

…the kneeling body of a naked woman taped to a horizontal bar.

The witness described the woman as having “her arms outstretched as if she had been crucified.”

The victim, an adult white woman, was under a bridge near the A1 motorway in the Ugnano district, close to Scandicci. An Italian language newspaper reported that the victim was a Romanian woman in her 20s named Andrea Cristina Zamfir.

There have been as many as 3 similar cases in the region in the last few years, but all the victims survived.

The killer, if it is one person following a certain method of operation, has apparently learned to not leave any eyewitnesses behind.

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*Posts about Richard Parker feel a little more personal than posts about a disturbing or mysterious crime in the news.