Here goes nothin’

It is a running joke in my marriage: How restlessly I shift from site to site looking for a place to land the words I put out when no one is paying me to write them. The web is littered with my digital detritus. I have an excuse to some degree—I have zero shame when it comes to squatting on a property (a subdomain, like my Medium address, for example) just to own my name, but what I struggle with is the actual tool itself. This thing I’m writing in now.

I’ve had Blogspot blogs—I sometimes post to this one still as a way to say “yep, haven’t forgotten”—and other WordPress sites. I’ve grabbed countless social media accounts. In the end I always find a way to get restless and look for something new.

This morning, however, I thought, “Man, fuck Medium and Substack and whatever the hell else needs to be fucked, I still have WordPress.”

And WordPress is a good tool. I’ll likely be using it for paid work again in the next year or so.

Also, I have friends on here who write and if this prompts them to get back at it, all the better.

I’m sticking with one tool…for now. I have to give myself that out. I reserve the right, that is, to change my mind.

For once, I’m not sure I will change my mind. I no longer want to use brain space thinking about stuff like whether I could make money on a Patreon or with a Substack. I’m using the tool I know best, the one that works.

The dithering is done.

New Phone

After flirtations with Android (mostly good, OS wise, not so much handset-wise) and a Windows phone (pretty good to be honest but with limitations it can’t help) I’m back to using an iPhone as my primary phone. It’s a 6 plus purchased through Gazelle.com and I already love it.

Hence this post written on the phone. For years I’ve been fascinated with blogging on the go. Turns out it’s actually a damned impractical thing to do, but since I put this blog under a standalone URL I decided to try and use it more. That will include random and quite possibly pointless posts like this as I figure out what I’m doing and the best reasons for doing it. 

Hopefully any posts that follow will be more entertaining than a glimpse at my really boring day diary–something this post is very close to in style.